Gifting and gifted books

I was wondering what happens to a book market when the “gift books” (chosen for us) are taken out of the calculations. If I wanted to give a Kindle book as a gift, in one click to a friend’s email address — perhaps choosing from the marvellous 15 curious cultural histories for the Kindle list, say — then I can’t. There’s no “send this book to a friend as a gift” button. Sure, I can buy a generic ‘cash’ gift card. But doing that lacks the personal touch.

It can’t be impossible. If Amazon are the ones doing the sending, not me, then there’s no risk of piracy. It’s not like I’m getting a copy and then passing on a free one to someone else.

The problems inherent in sending books to people who don’t own a Kindle are solved by first having your friend “link” their Kindle to yours in a social network, so that Amazon knows you both know each other and both own Kindles at verified email addresses.


One thought on “Gifting and gifted books

  1. Ah, the penny has dropped. I get it now. Amazon thinks that ebook vendors will sell straight to customers by way of “gifting” them their purchased books. And thus bypass the Amazon commission.

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