How to set up Instapaper for the Kindle

In the news today — Instapaper has launched paid subscriptions in beta. The service gives access to extra “subscriber-only features”. At the moment, this means that $1 a month lets you turn off ads (although we don’t seem to get them in the UK?). Why is this important? Because Instapaper is a superb free service, and possibly the single best reason for buying a Kindle. It delivers well-formatted self-selected Web articles to your Kindle, stripped of all the junk that surrounds them, all neatly bundled up in a weekly magazine-like form. It’s like building your own personalised weekly magazine, with just a few clicks a week. Rich media that’s really “rich”, because it’s stripped of bloat and just has what you want.

Here’s a mini-tutorial on how to set it up:

1. Sign up with Instapaper. Put their little “Read Later” bookmarklet on your Web browser’s toolbar.

2. While still at the Instapaper website, set up your preferences about Instapaper delivery (‘Account’ | ‘Manage my Kindle’), tell it what your special Amazon Kindle email address is (“name” — find out what it is here).

Then copy to the clipboard the special Instapaper email address that you’ll need to authorise with Amazon in a moment.

3. Go to Amazon’s Manage Your Kindle page. Scroll down to the section “Your Kindle Approved E-mail List”, and paste your Instapaper email address in, approve it and then save it.

4. OK, now you’re set — from now on you just click the “Read Later” Bookmarklet in your Web browser when you want to save a Web article to read later on the Kindle. Your selected articles are now bundled and auto-delivered by email, usually weekly. If you have the wi-fi edition of Kindle then you won’t be charged for Instapaper deliveries to the Kindle. You can also go back to Instapaper account management (‘Account’ | ‘Manage my Kindle’) and force-start a delivery.

Now what I want is the ability to create/curate Instapaper magazines for other people, that they can subscribe to via the Kindle. Kind of like a full-content blog, I guess.


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