Amazon announce Kindle Singles

Amazon seems set to quarantine the sellers of single chapters and stories (e.g.: from spivs selling just one H.P. Lovecraft story, or a legitimate publisher actually selling a first ‘sample’ chapter), piffle which would otherwise seriously threaten to dilute the Store searching experience for customers and damage Amazon’s brand experience. Amazon has today announced a forthcoming new section of the Kindle store, ‘Kindle Singles’

“Singles could be sold for as little as 49 cents [for items up] to 30,000 words (roughly 30 to 90 pages)”

It’s uncertain if this will be just another division of the Store, or a ‘required’ separate area that means Amazon has a way to ensure that the main Kindle store only carries ‘proper’ books. I suspect the latter. Self-publishers might be well advised to make sure your ebooks are over 30,000 words from now on. It may also be that Amazon institute a “don’t show me anything with under a certain word count” filter for those searching the Kindle Store.

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