Annoying paper books

Perceptive article this week at Theakers’ Quarterly, on some of the subtler factors to do with reading on the Kindle

“In the past, I would see a book I wanted and buy it right away, because it would probably be gone the next day. Even now, with Amazon, new books can go out of print very quickly. With ebooks it’s a bit different. The publisher may eventually withdraw the book from sale, but they’re not going to run out of copies, or dither over whether to reprint. I don’t need to hoard books any more. So instead of buying everything I see, I download a Kindle preview, and once I’ve actually started reading the book – and if I like it – I buy it.”

“when I finish a book I’m rarely sitting in my study surrounded by my print books. I’m usually lying in bed. Sometimes I’m on a bus or a train, or at the in-laws, or at a friend’s house. If print books aren’t handy during that crucial handover from one book to another, they’re locked out until the next time I finish a book; my ebooks are always close to hand.”

There’s also a long list of the things that make paper books annoying.


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