New Forrester research on the ebook market

Forrester Research (Consumer Product Strategy) has released new details of its latest research in the ebook market…

“we have just published our five-year forecast for eBooks in the U.S. The punchline is this: 2010 will end with $966 million in e-books sold to consumers. By 2015, the industry will have nearly tripled to almost $3 billion, a point at which the industry will be forever altered.” [$3bn is a very conservative estimate, as explained in the article]

“7% of online adults who read books read e-books […] the average e-book reader already consumes 41% of books in digital form [this seems to include people who read via Google Books] For those that have a Kindle or other e-reader, they read 66% of their books digitally”

“[this means] We have plenty of room to grow beyond the 7% that read e-books today and, once they get the hang of it, e-book readers quickly shift a majority of their book reading to a digital form.”


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