Big Brother knows best

Amazon appears to be quietly pulling a load of erotica titles from its Kindle store.


Amazon cracks down on public domain works

Amazon cracks down on the public-domain shovelware merchants who flood the Kindle Store with Project Gutenberg titles for sale…

“To protect the customer experience we have decided to stop accepting and selling duplicate, undifferentiated versions of public domain titles where there is a free edition already available for sale.”

Firm details on Google Editions

Firm details today of Google’s long-delayed commercial book store:

* Launching in the USA before the end of 2010 (not long to go, then), and in the UK by Q1 2011.

* 500,000 titles at launch, mostly public domain.

* View purchased titles “on any device with a browser” (so, with some clever auto-optimisation, perhaps even on the Kindle’s browser?)

* Publishers will get 63 percent of the revenues from books sold on Google Editions.

* Publishers will be able to set their own prices.