Kindle 3.1 available for download

Amazon is preparing a Kindle 3.1 software update to Kindle owners. Available for manual download now (if you’re currently running any Kindle hacks, they won’t work with this new version).


* Real page numbers matching those in the printed book (if there is a physical book). Very useful for academics and students, book reviewers, and reading clubs whose membership mixes print with Kindles. You also get the ISBN of the edition Amazon scanned to get your page numbers. Kindle apps will also support this “in the coming months”. Amazon has to sync all your books for this feature, so it won’t work immediately after installing v.3.1. Pressing “Menu” when reading a book shows your location, and page numbers if the book supports them.

* Better navigation/layout abilities for newspapers and magazines.

* A ‘Before You Go…’ feature that will appear after the reader reaches “The End” of a book. This will invite an Amazon review / a five-star rating / Facebook-ing / and will also offer “you may also like…” recommendation engine suggestions.

* Public Notes. Make your “notes in the margin” and highlighted snippets available to other Kindle users.


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