Dumbwatch #2

There’s a lot of scope for those old-style Xeroxed fanzines on the Kindle…

“All it requires is the zine in a pdf file format”

Hmmm, really? Maybe for a straight text old-school sci-fi zine, at a pinch. Not for much else.

Perhaps we need to develop a Kindle-specific zine aesthetic, via the pixel art look? It should be possible to emulate the classic old b&w Xerox look if you’re making the original page-images in Photoshop. You’d work directly to 550 x 450 pixels | 16 shades of grey | 167dpi, and save at around 58kb for each page image. Then you’d make a simple hand-coded ebook with the page images embedded. If the zine is planned from the start to look good at that size, then it would be able to convey something of the old b&w ‘zine aesthetic. What about readable text blocks at that size? It could work, for small 100 word blocks. The pixel art fonts are designed to work crisply at small sizes, and should look great on a Kindle…

Snoot’s Pixel10 looks like an especially good choice for body text.


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