Amazon’s new tablet – what would make me consider it?

It’s an open secret that Amazon is coming out with a color ‘tablet’ as an iPad competitor, and they’re unveiling it this coming Wednesday — with shipping in November. But why would I want a Kindle Fire, when the Kindle 3 is perfect for me? I don’t give a fig about colour screens or ‘apps’. I just want the best ebook ereader, and that’s what I have in the Kindle 3. I already have a big 1920px widescreen monitor if I want to flick through PDF magazines. So what would make me consider paying $199 for Amazon’s new tablet? These factors…

* Voice control.
* Ability to switch to black and white, and by doing so get a Kindle-like battery life.
* Simple and easily-readable “whole page” PDF display.
* It stays as cool as the Kindle when you hold it, and is as lightweight.
* Kindle-like readability, re: complete lack of eye-strain and glare.
* Better interface usability (see voice control).


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