Kindle Touch / Kindle 4 launched

Alongside the launch of the Amazon tablet (yawn), news of a new Kindle 4!

The Kindle Touch appears to be the Kindle 4. It will be smaller than the current Kindle 3, and will cost $99 with wi-fi. It’ll apparently be on pre-order today, and will ship to the USA on 21st November 2011. It looks like it’s the usual e-Ink black and white screen. The chassis is smaller, but the screen size is the same. The default colour is silver rather than carbon.

Nice to see it, but I doubt I’ll be making the move to a touchscreen. The price will make ebooks accessible to even more people, which is great. But I want voice control (not touch).

Another thing, how can the cheapest version of 4 cost £50 in the USA, but Amazon have it listed at £89 in the UK (for exactly the same model)?

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