now provides a pipe to the Nook

Excellent news for small publishers. Publishing with print-on-demand house now automatically gets you on the Nook ereader.

“Lulu has struck a deal with Barnes & Noble that will enable Lulu authors to sell their e-books through B&N’s Nook e-reader. Under the agreement, authors who have picked the “sell anywhere” option will automatically have their titles available through the Nook provided the e-book is done in the ePub format.”

Self-publishers and niche publishers with Lulu should check they have the “ebook” and “sell anywhere” option enabled on their books. However, watch that your prices match those on Amazon, as Amazon has been known to do automatic price-balancing if their system “spots” your book being sold at a different price elsewhere.

You also need to be aware that it only affects books that have been assigned an ISBN number via Lulu. Quite how you apply that to your standard ebook listing (print books and ebooks have separate entries in your Lulu control panel), and if you can do it for free, seems a bit a mystery — even on the forums.


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