Kindle HTML5 support, Japan launch, ecosystem breakdown

By gosh, the Kindle news is coming thick and fast: The Kindle may launch in Japan before the end of the year (there may be potential to sell them wordless webcomics?); Business Insider breaks apart the Kindle ecosystem’s economics; an up-to $135 trade-in for your old Kindles; and Amazon announces HTML5 support in the Kindle…

“We’re pleased to announce a wide range of new features and enhancements – including HTML5 support – coming in Kindle Format 8 (KF8). KF8 is the next generation file format for Kindle books – replacing Mobi 7. As showcased on Kindle Fire, KF8 enables publishers to create great-looking books in categories that require rich formatting and design such as children’s picture books, comics & graphic novels, technical & engineering books and cookbooks. Kindle Format 8 replaces the Mobi format and adds over 150 new formatting capabilities, including fixed layouts, nested tables, callouts, sidebars and Scalable Vector Graphics, opening up more opportunities to create Kindle books that readers will love.”

A list of the supported new Kindle KF8 markup tags is here. Quite how many of these will make it to the standard eReader Kindle 3 & 4 is open to debate. I suspect most of the fancier tags will be for the Kindle Fire only.


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