Scivener 2 for Windows, due any week now

Scivener 2.1 for Windows should be landing fairly shortly. It’s one of the most acclaimed Mac suites for authors, and it certainly does look shiny and it gets good review mileage. It offers outliners, research snippet management, all the usual writing tools including daily wordage target-meters and snapshot-ing, and a variety of output options including ePub. It gets pretty good puffs from some big-name authors. The current free beta demo expires on 7th November, and the Scivener developers have promised a 2011 release for Windows. So a release sometime in early/mid November would seem like a good bet. It will cost just $40, and they accept PayPal. Sadly Kindle output seems clunky — via HTML output, then third-party post-processing with some alpha tools that are not yet even in version 1.0.

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