From Masters degree to ebook

Many people seem to be taking higher Masters degrees these days, or considering doing so. The need for re-skilling — in the face of advancing technology and evolving business approaches — seems to make a higher degree inevitable. Some will even do more than one Masters in their life. So I was wondering how one might transform the whole process into an ebook, thereby sharing one’s knowledge and perhaps even earning enough to pay for the course fees. The student has the final dissertation to write of course, usually at around 12,000 words. But let’s say you do something with topical appeal — one of a range of criminal justice degrees for example. How then to transform the whole experience and cutting-edge knowledge gained into a 50,000 word book, one that’s likely to sell? A lot would of course rest on the choice of dissertation topic. A student would want to choose something that has a balance of topical interest, longer-term sales potential, and of course the vital element of academic approval. A perfectly valid study of the changes in the typology of cybercrimes that affect the individual and small businesses, for instance, could then be added to with case-studies, and a practical guide to individuals on how to avoid being a victim of online crime. The result might be a substantial new ebook, with academic weight and scrutiny behind it, yet having popular appeal. Of course, these days one doesn’t even have to physically attend a course and tediously and expensively travel to a classroom each day. Skype, HD webcams and other methods have made classrooms obsolete for some types of course. One can, for instance, take a criminal justice degree online or any number of other subjects online. One can even sample online courses, via courseware freebies from the likes of MIT, Harvard, and others, thus getting a feel for the suitability of the process and also if one likes the potential topic of study or not.


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