Readability vs. Instapaper

I nearly swopped from Instapaper to Readability today, for reading newspaper and magazine articles on the Kindle. Readability added Kindle support in late summer 2011. But after a whole load of rigmarole, the Readability service just wouldn’t work for me.

I love the Instapaper format, but it’s getting too flaky about what it will and won’t send. Half the time, four or five articles are missing from my weekly bundle. Other times, article headers come through, but the body of the article is missing. And yes, I did make sure to keep the number of articles under the threshold number for the free version of the service.

So I tried setting up Readability for use with the Kindle. It’s a bit of a hassle. You need to do it all in this order…

1. Sign up for a Readability account at their website.

2. Go to your email in-box, find the new Readability email, click on the link it contains, to activate the account.

3. Install the browser addon.

4. Add the email address to your Account | Manage Your Kindle | Personal Document Settings | “Approved Personal Document E-mail List”.

5. Log in at the website, with your new sign-up details.

6. Use this page to tell Readability what your Kindle’s delivery email address is.

7. Go to Account settings and make sure “Privacy” | “Hide reading list” is ticked.

8. Set your keyboard shortcut in the options settings of the Readability browser add-on. You can also use the browser toolbar “armchair” graphic, which drops a menu that includes “Send to Kindle”.

But after doing all of this, I just could not get my Kindle to receive any Readability articles. Something obviously went wrong, but I’ve no idea what. Articles sent via Amazon’s own “Send to Kindle” print driver came through fine. Sorry, Readability. I really wanted to swop. I correctly and carefully jumped through all the hoops to set up the service. I triple-checked all my setup settings and email spellings. But you let me down at the most vital point — delivery of the actual article.

/Sigh/ Oh well, uninstalled. I guess it’s back to wrestling with Instapaper.


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