Post Xmas Kindle sales statistics

Unsurprisingly, it’s said that Kindle sales dropped off a cliff after the Christmas / New Year period — at least according to one canny business analyst who has been tracking e-ink manufacturer inventories and sales…

“he estimates that Amazon was selling around 7 million Kindles per quarter last year. In Q1, he thinks they sold only 1.75 million.”

Actually, only 1.75 million doesn’t sound that bad. Cliff…? or speed bump?

I guess the real figures should be about how many of those holiday season Kindles are gathering dust on a shelf or in a drawer, and how many are in active use. My own Jan-May experience on sales suggests that UK users may have gifted Kindles in bulk, but those Kindles are seeing little use for ebook purchases. Meanwhile, the USA sales are doing well.

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