How to reboot your frozen Kindle 3

Today I had a frozen Kindle, for the first time since it arrived. The device’s charge was half full, but nothing would wake it from sleep mode. One of the screensavers was frozen on the e-ink screen. Anyway, here’s the secret sauce for restarting it:

1. Find a good watch or clock, that has a seconds hand.

2. Take your Kindle to the clock or watch. At the exact point when the seconds hand clicks to “noon” on the dial, press the power switch on the Kindle.

3. Hold the power switch to the right for exactly 15 seconds, then release it at the exact moment that the seconds hand ticks to 15 seconds past the noon position.

4. The Kindle will remain dead for a few seconds more. Then it will come to life and start rebooting.

5. You will see a “progress bar” on the screen, as the device reboots. When this finishes you can then use the Kindle normally. You may want to then apply a firmware upgrade, since the Kindle is presumably rebooting using a stored on-device operating system — one that’s older than the OS currently available from Amazon.


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