Office 2019

I’m pleased to hear that Microsoft has announced a proper standalone desktop Office 2019, and for a one-time payment. The preview version is due in mid 2018. Very welcome, especially for those who use Word daily, and hopefully there will be all sorts of new ebook friendly features.

Maybe Office 2019 will even be available in a box/USB, for those lacking the capacity to download Gbs of software and the inevitable patches. Which these days still amounts to a surprising amount of people in the USA. In fact, it’s kind of difficult not to see the Office 2019 announcement as some sort of sweetener for President Trump, aimed at swinging the ongoing tussle over Microsoft’s plan to bring decent flat-rate broadband to America’s rural millions ($8-$12bn+) vs. phone company cell-phone towers ($20bn+++) doing the same. Trump must be aware of how much a top-flight desktop productivity suite still means to productivity in much of the USA, for people who can’t or won’t use the Cloud.