How to remove the ruled footer line in Word 2007

How to remove the ruled footer line in Word 2007, and leave only page numbers in your document footer.

1. First, add your page numbers: Top Menu | Insert | Page Number.

2. Staying with Insert, find the Header and Footer buttons, next to Page Number button. Click on: Footer | Edit Footer.

3. Very importantly, then make sure you click your cursor inside the footer. Now it can be edited. Changes should be applied globally to all footers.

4. On the Top Menu, switch back to the Home tab. Now find the tiny border control icon in the Paragraph sub-panel…

Choosing “No Border” will remove the ruled lines from all footers, leaving you with the page numbers only…

5. If adding Headers and Footers have thrown out all your carefully done page-layouts, then you’ll also want to reduce the size they take up on the page. In Header and Footer Tools, you can adjust these margins to be more sensible…

Here we have the Header space reduced to zero, and the Footer dropped to 0.1, to force the page number to appear much nearer to the bottom edge of the page.

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