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A new direct and faithful sequel, as an 18,000 word novelette, in which H.G. Wells’s Time Traveller returns to the future to try to find Weena. Written in the style of Wells. Linked table-of-contents.

CRUSOE : the Macabre Later Adventures of Robinson Crusoe

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A new novelette of Lovecraftian horror, mixing Lovecraft, Defoe, and wholly new writing to tell a new story! Robinson Crusoe returns to his island to find death, madness, deadly dreams, mad priests, inter-dimensional horrors, fiendish mazes, and much more! 18,000 words. Illustrated for the Kindle.

CATS : the cultural history

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First-time publication in eReader format! Hand-crafted formatting for the Kindle, with linked table-of-contents. Illustrated. By Carl Van Vechten, originally published as Tiger in the House. “Every lover of cats should own this book […] the best single treatise on the cat” – The Chicago Evening Post. “At last the cat has a book worthy of him […] luxurious, regal, self-certain, and complete.” – The New York Evening Post. “absolutely fascinating. As a matter of fact, it is a treasure house. […] I wouldn’t be without it for anything.” – The Chicago Tribune. This ebook edition also includes the bonus book – Lords of the Housetops: an anthology of classic cat stories, compiled and edited by Carl Van Vechten.

DEMON DOGS : ten classic short stories of hell-hounds

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A new 43,000-word anthology for the Kindle. Tales of devil-dogs, hell-hounds, and other blood-curdling canines, from master writers such as: H.P. Lovecraft; Blackwood; Sologub; Bierce; Turgenev; de Maupassant; Saki, and others.


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Four horror stories of cats (cat-lovers please note that these are not “evil cats”), radically reworked and rewritten in the style and mythos of H.P. Lovecraft. Contents: * “Beware the Cat” by William Baldwin and David Haden. Being the first ever English novel (1584). A gothic horror story of talking cats, freely adapted and modernised in a new translation. * “How the Grimmalkin Came”. A new sequel to “Beware the Cat” and Lovecraft’s “Through the Gates of the Silver Key”. By Padraic Colum and David Haden. * “The Sending”. A new prequel to Lovecraft’s “The Horror at Red Hook”. By Rudyard Kipling and David Haden. * “The Case of the Savage Cat”. A new prequel to Lovecraft’s “The Horror at Red Hook”. By Bram Stoker, Allan McLane Hamilton, Algernon Blackwood and David Haden.

LONDON REIMAGINED: an anthology of visions of the future city.

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It’s a 55,000-word, 220-page anthology of literary visions of a future London. Authors include Richard Jefferies, Prof. Blyde Muddersnook, H.G. Wells, G.K. Chesterton, Arthur Conan Doyle, Walter Wood, Charles Dickens, Percy Bysshe Shelley, Mary Shelley, Thomas Babington Macaulay, Francis Carr, George Meredith, W. Harrison Ainsworth, Anna L. Barbauld, Frederick Thomas Jane, Lord Dunsany, M.P. Shiel, James Thomson, Bertrand Russell, E.E. Nesbit, Lewis Grassic Gibbon, Robert Barr, Grant Allen, Edward Douglas Fawcett, and William Morris.


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CONTENTS: The Monoliths under the Sea (a new short story, and a prequel to “The Call of Cthulhu”) / A note on the origin and derivation of ‘Necronomicon’ / “Dagon” : war and science at the origin of Lovecraft’s mythos / “The Rats In The Walls” : otherness and British culture / “Nyarlathotep” : science, sound, and the chaos of the Other / Lovecraft, the Cephalopoda, and the New England Sea Monster tradition / “Call of Cthulhu” : possible influences, and some notes on its enduring appeal / “At The Mountains of Madness” : some notes on Lovecraft’s possible visual inspirations. 74 pages, 13,000 words. Illustrated. Published August 2010.

WEREWOLVES IN LITERATURE : twelve classic stories (Book One)

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A new 112,000-word anthology for the Kindle. Some of the finest classic werewolf stories available, from masters such as: H. Warner Munn; Saki; Mattyat; Kipling; Biss; Field; de Maupassant; Blackwood, and others. With linked table-of-contents, error-correction, and a uniform style throughout.

WEREWOLVES IN LITERATURE: fifteen classic stories (Book Two)

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A second anthology of the classic werewolf chillers, from: Count Eric Stenbock, Sir Gilbert Campbell, Robert E. Howard, Algernon Blackwood, Arthur Conan Doyle, Clemence Houseman, Henry Beaugrand, Sutherland Menzie, Graham R. Tomson, Catherine Crowe, Alexandre Dumas. This is the companion volume to my first Werewolves in Literature story collection for the Kindle. With linked table-of-contents, error-correction, and a uniform style throughout. 200,000 words in total.

GETTING WELL : a literary anthology on convalescence

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The first ever anthology on convalescence, exclusively available on the Kindle. Includes well-known authors such as Twain, Stevenson, D.H. Lawrence, Andersen, Chesterton, Goethe, Joyce, and Bennett, among others.

DUNSANY’S WONDER TALES : The Book of Wonder (1912) and Tales of Wonder (1916)

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A new and carefully-presented Kindle edition of Lord Dunsany’s two Wonder books. The code has been carefully hand-crafted for the Kindle, and I have extensively corrected typographical errors and odd line-breaks to the best of my ability. This ebook has a linked tables-of-contents for both books, and in each book I have added small versions of the original illustrations by the fantasy artist Sidney Sime (resized and optimised for the Kindle). 65,000 words in total.


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Two classic werewolf novellas by Harold Warner Munn, set in Eastern Europe early in the 20th century — together these tales (The Werewolf of Ponkert and The Werewolfs Daughter) form a seamless novel of 40,000 words. This edition has been carefully hand-formatted for the Kindle. Praise from the critics: “One of the grimmest werewolf stories ever to appear” – The Essential Guide to Werewolf Literature (2003). “a panorama of human suffering, striving, and hope […] far above the level of most such horror tales” – Survey of Modern Fantasy Literature, Vol. 2 (1983). “Praised for over seventy-five years as a classic of lycanthropy […] one of the best werewolf stories ever written.” – Earl Terry Kemp.

ICE CORES: essays on Lovecraft’s novella ‘At the Mountains of Madness’.

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With a new short story “The Floaters of the Barrens”, being an immediate sequel to At the Mountains of Madness. CONTENTS:- ‘Antarktos’ by H.P. Lovecraft (Sonnet XV of ‘Fungi from Yuggoth’) | “The Floaters of the Barrens” (short story) | On the writing and early publication history of ‘Mountains’ | A survey of the literary precursors and prequels of ‘Mountains’ | A survey of the literary and media sequels to ‘Mountains’ | The current events of October 1929—Spring 1931, in relation to Lovecraft and his work | On the visual inspirations for ‘Mountains’ | Aspects of the science in Lovecraft’s ‘Mountains’ | “The white madness”: some extracts from real-life accounts of madness and death on polar expeditions (nine pages) | Research bibliography (52 items of scholarly and research interest). 100 pages, 18,000 words. Well illustrated. A new 6″ x 9″ perfect-bound paperback.

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